Larry’s Lemon Cookies (5G $60 10G $110)

1 g $152 g $251/8 oz $455 g $601/4 oz $901/2 oz $1601 oz $320

Larry’s Lemon Cookies is a rock solid hybrid variety leans slightly towards the Indica side while sharing the genetic makeup of two great hybrid strains that help steady the sometimes tricky characteristics of Girl Scout based strains. The “Larry’s Lemon Cookies” hit your taste buds with an array of sweet and citrusy flavors that are quickly teamed up and dominated by the OG heavy Girl Scout Cookies funk. Her nearly balanced hybrid high has a highly euphoric and visually stimulating head buzz that is soon crept up on by a very relaxing body stone that melts away all your aches, pains and stresses and it’s effortlessly knocks you on your back.