Aces DREAM 500MG

Price each:$35

DREAM is an indica dominant strain designed to enhance a peaceful easy feeling. Derived from Zkittles, the orange and tropical fruity flavor is complemented by an the pain relieving power of a Beta-Caryophyllene forward terpene blend. DREAM is the perfect way to get you relaxed after a long day. Our disposable pens come fully charged and prefilled with our high-quality, high-potency cannabis distillate; meticulously lab-tested and combined with cannabis-derived terpenes to ensure a consistent smoking experience every time. A luxurious vapor experience in a convenient, portable, and discreet package. Designed to be comfortable to hold, each disposable pen is crafted in tactile recycled plastic that is familiar yet distinct. The 240 mAh battery requires no recharging and is precision engineered to deliver a consistent 4.0V to the heating element, producing a clean, smooth vapor.